How Successful Entrepreneurs Increase Their Income & Productivity While Overcoming Overwhelm by Scheduling Their Week Top Tips To Get Started

Lemme know if this describes you.  You wake up on Monday morning super excited to start off the week, full of great intentions with your business, and before you know it, major overwhelm hits, and you find that you’re operating like a chicken with it’s head cut off, trying to do ALL THE THINGS in your business all at one time.  You think you’re the ONE person who can truly succeed at multi-tasking, only to realize…you’re not (cuz no one is). So how the heck can you organize your business for success? How can you get all the things done and still have a life? In this blog post I’ll share my home organization business tips and how calendar organizer’s and batching your content and work will literally save you hours and hours, but also save you energy so you can fully flourish in your biz but also flourish in your personal life.




How to Be Productive as a Successful Entrepreneur Tip #1: BRAIN DUMP YOUR WEEK

Say a silent “AMEN” if you feel super overwhelmed sometimes with how much work you wanna get done in your business and how many amazing ideas you have floating around in your head.  Do you ever have trouble sleeping because you literally cannot stop thinking about all the amazing things you wanna put out in the world? It is super motivating but also can be very discouraging when these ideas take up every bit of brain space you have, leaving you no space to actually start IMPLEMENTING them.My biggest tip when it comes to being productive as a successful entrepreneur is to do weekly brain dumps!  Right here, right now, pick one day a week where you’ll sit down, preferably early in the morning, all alone, in a quiet, serene space, and will brain dump all of the things you want to get done that week.  I recommend doing this also monthly, quarterly, and yearly for your business so you can have a true vision–year long which you can break down into quarters, months, and weeks!

Now that you’ve set a time and day every week that you’ll do a brain dump, here are some ideas for you to brain dump about.

Brain Dump Ideas

*Appointments you have this week

*Household things you have to get done-meal prep, laundry, home repairs, cleaning, etc

*Logistical things you have to do in your life-book flights, hotels, etc

*Business ideas that are fresh on your mind

*Ideas you’re currently working on

*Ideas you have for the future

*People you want to talk to

*Fun activities you want to do

After you brain dump everything, go back and re-list everything in order of importance.  What HAS to get done today or someone will DIE? (Hint: probably nothing).  

The point of this is to have a priority list.  If we’re talking specifically about the business tasks (although you can apply this to many different areas of your life), you want to put the task that will move your business forward the most right now at the top of your list.  It also (usually) happens to be the one that seems the hardest and that you’ll want to avoid most.


Even though once I’m in the groove I love writing blog posts, I usually have to really force myself and amp myself up to get started.  I’d initially much rather just talk to my clients, have client prospecting calls, and make social media posts. But I KNOW that my weekly blog is the cornerstone for my content, and the reason I have productive weeks.

If you missed my last blog post on how to increase your income on social media by repurposing content so you can work smarter, not harder, I go in depth about how my blog posts help me organize my weeks worth of content.  You can read that blog post here.

How to Be Productive as a Successful Entrepreneur Tip #2: BATCH WORK YOUR TASKS

Now that you have your priority list set, it’s time to organize your tasks into type and make your schedule for the week (or month).

I like to batch my tasks so that I’m doing one or two specific type of task each day instead of ALL THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF THINGS I have to do in my business, everyday.  I find that doing specific tasks on specific days keeps my energy up, my brain focused on one specific zone of genius, and I’m way more productive, putting out more quality work.

Here are examples of different types of work:

*Content Writing

*Filming Content

*Taking pictures

*Market Research

*Client Calls

*Client Prospecting Calls (Interviewing future clients)

*Calls with team

*Organizing launches

*Writing Emails

*Working on Creative Work (Landing Pages/Launch things)

What Does “Batching Work” Even Mean?

According to…

“The reason this is successful is that the myth of multi-tasking has crushed our productivity for years. When we switch from one task to the other, our attention and willpower to complete the next task is diminished, especially if we are switching from something that isn’t completed.

Batching is the other extreme: we’re only doing one task until it’s completed, and everything related to it is also completed.

For example, people will take 3 to 4 days in solitude (coffee shops count as solitude only if you have headphones on), write their blog posts for the next four months, and queue them so they self-publish. Now that entire task is off their list for four months.”

Here is an example of a typical week for my business

Mondays: Content

On these days I write my big blog (like this one!), write all of my social media posts for the week, and upload them into Instagram with pictures drafted, so I can just share them when it’s time each day.  I also will record IGTV videos these days that go along with the blog post I wrote for the week. This day is all about content so I can feel ready for the week and not feel behind in this rea.

Tuesdays-Thursdays: Calls

A huge part (75%) of my business right now is working with 1:1 clients and the Flourish and Conquer Accelerator Program students.  You can apply for our November round here if you’re looking for more of a group coaching atmosphere to start off your health + fitness business.

I recommend batching specific types of calls together if possible.  So I TRY (again, the keyword here is try) to have my 1:1 private business client calls on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and my life coaching client calls on Thursdays.  I’ll sprinkle in prospective client interviews (those women that are interested in becoming a private client) within those three days.

While these days can be long and a little bit tiring since I’m pouring into my clients all day, I LOVE having them all together.  I can purely focus on serving them, and not worry about any other tasks for the days. One tip if you do have a lot of private client calls back to back, is take at least 10 minute breaks between to go for a walk, do a  little dance or eat something! You want to keep your energy flowing os you don’t get drained and so that you can truly give your all to your clients who are expecting you to SHOW UP!

Friday: Pictures + Filming + Catch Up + Launch Strategy

I try and use these days to take pictures, film any videos that need to be filmed and catch up on anything that got lost during the week that I didn’t get to.  I also use these days to plan launches and organize any tasks that have to get done to have a successful launch.

Saturday + Sunday: OFF (Sorta)

I usually take one FULL day off a week, whether it’s Saturday or Sunday.  But I do love working one day (usually a half day) on the weekend because I have zero calls, and find that I’m really creative early Saturday mornings, and can get a jump start on content the next week, or spend that time to work on creative things I need to do for future launches.  This is truly fun for me, and I don’t consider it work “I have to get done.”

I fully believe in taking off at LEAST one full day a week to decompress, relax, do NOTHING or do things that FILL YOU UP with your friends and family.  I like to spend this time with my husband, friends, and mom, and go for jogs around my neighborhood and just operate at a very slow pace. For example, my morning routine (which is usually about 45 minutes) can last up to two hours on the weekends, and I LOVE IT.

So what about you?! Right now, sit down and schedule which days you’re going to do which activities!

A quick tip when deciding when to batch work:

Make sure you’re doing creative things when you know you feel most creative.  For example, I write best in the morning before doing anything else. So on Monday’s for content days, after my morning routine, usually the first thing I do is crank out my blog post.  If I saved that for after 4PM, I would DO it, but not happily, and not with energy and vibrancy, resulting in a less than stellar blog post.

I save my coaching calls for the afternoon (usually ending around 7PM) because I find I can really pour into my clients at that time and try and shut off my entire business by 7PM.  Again, try being the operative word–there are many days this doesn’t happen do to client scheduling and compromises, but it’s been a pretty good “tentative rule” to keep my business and personal life in some semblance of “balance” (although that’s a whole other topic we’ll talk about in another blog post).

Fun Fact: I’m writing this blog post at 10AM 


How to Be Productive as a Successful Entrepreneur Tip #3: USE A CALENDAR ORGANIZER

Okay! Now you’ve brain dumped all the things you need to do for your business (and life) this week and decided which days you’re going to do them, paying special attention to what times of day you feel most productive with specific tasks.

Your next step is to take out your calendar, whether it’s a google cal, ical, or good old fashioned pen and paper calendar and schedule in these specific tasks.

If you’re trying to schedule calls, I HIGHLY recommend using acuity scheduler so you can set the days/times you’re available for calls and send the link to your clients/prospective clients to set up a call.  This eliminates the back and forth messaging to try and figure out schedules and is SO freakin worth it for organization purposes.

So right now, take out your calendar, and start blocking out the times you’re going to do the different tasks you set out in the last step.

The important thing when doing this is to really think of these tasks as non-negotiable appointments that you MUST keep.  You wouldn’t skip a doctor’s appointment you set in stone, so why would you break a promise to yourself to work on your content? If you’re serious about becoming a successful entrepreneur, you have to do the things it takes to get there, whatever your version of success looks like.

Productivity Hack:

When you’re writing content, put your phone on airplane mode.  I find I get way more productive work done when I’m not being bombarded by texts or notifications.  In fact, I only have one notification come on my phone, and that’s the Voxer app that I communicate with my clients through.  Facebook, Instagram, email, etc are all apps I have to personally go into in order to check. This has saved me a TON of scroll time and kept me way more focused and in the zone when working.

So there you have it! If you go through these three steps in detail and truly implement them, I KNOW you’re going to save yourself SO much time and energy and start to increase your income and impact in your business.  You’ll have more time for your family and put out more quality content because you’re FOCUSED instead of all over the place.

I’d love to get to know you more and see how you’re doing with these 3 steps!  Hop in my free entrepreneur community here, called #prettyawkward (ly) awesome Female Entrepreneurs Create Impactful Passive Income and share what you got out of this blog post. I love hearing how it helps you in your biz and life!

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with making time to workout? Which of these tips will you implement?   Megan Yelaney | Life + Business Coach
Instagram: @meganyelaney Email:

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