3 Essential Strategies to Get More Free Leads and Clients Masterclass

Do you find yourself refreshing your Instagram follower account ALL day long, checking your DM’s to see if anyone messaged you back about your coaching, or freaking out every month because your client contracts are up and you don’t have enough sales calls set up?  GIRL…I FEEL YOU, and I was #truthtime there not too long ago. It’s super frustrating when you put SO much time and effort into creating quality content to really serve your ideal client, but don’t actually have the right people or ENOUGH people ACTUALLY SEEING it!  In this blog post I’ll share with you how on my live masterclass, happening on 9/19 at 2PM EST, I’ll be teaching you my exact step by step process to gain new and free leads everyday so you can reach more of the right people without relying solely on your IG following. 



WHY This Masterclass and WHY Trust Me?

Let’s get the “street cred” over with cuz it feels #prettyawkward, but I get that it’s necessary so you understand that I’m not just throwing this shit out there, without backing it up with RESULTS Some cool things I’ve done…

  • Built a 6 fig Network Marketing Business
  • Created my own 6 figure health, life + business coaching business
  • Created a course that made $7K on it’s first launch
  • Am currently the head coach for Amanda Bucci’s Influencer Academy program that helps online coaches build the foundation for a sustainable 6 figure biz

The tools I’ll share on this workshop are the same that…

    • Helped me enroll 300+ people into my free challenge that converted to a $7K launch of my course
    • Helped me enroll 160+ people on my live workshop which converted into a $2100 launch of my course
    • In total, helped me make over $14K with my passive income course with ZERO AD SPEND-aka organic marketing!
    • It takes WORK and CONSISTENCY but it WORKS if you WERK it

I’ll quickly share the strategies that I’m going to go over in depth in this masterclass and the thought process behind them

ESSENTIAL STRATEGY #1: Identifying What Your Ideal Client Needs-Market Research

On the masterclass I’ll dive into HOW to do market research, a fancy term for figuring out what your ideal client actually needs and wants (and would pay for), and HOW they SAY what they need and want so you can literally use their language in your copy and posts.

Utilizing the market research strategies I’ll teach on this masterclass will help you reach your ideal client way more easily because you’ll literally be SPEAKING THEIR LANGUAGE and you’ll start to get those DM’s that say “OMG! I had to message you because it was like you were speaking directly to me.” (P.S. That’s THE BEST message you can get if you haven’t already–you will after this masterclass)

Market research sounds a little “sciency” and annoying, but I promise you, once you start doing it and doing it the right way, you’ll become addicted, and realize that missing this ONE strategy is what could’ve been holding you back from truly reaching your ideal client effectively.  You might be in front of your ideal client now on social media, but not quite talking to them in the way they need.

ESSENTIAL STRATEGY #2: Social Media Strategy-Blogging Tips, Pinterest Strategy, Facebook Live Video Interviews, Instagram Strategy

While I freakin LOVE Instagram and hang out on there more than any other social media platform, I definitely don’t solely rely on it, and roughly 75% of my email list subscribers don’t come from Instagram….they come from…..


In this masterclass I’ll go over how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, Instagram or FB posts, or Live Videos.  I’ll share how to make a Pinterest image, how to search for the correct keywords (so people actually FIND your pins), and the main mindset shift you have to make to have Pinterest work for you (HINT: It’s NOT another social media platform).

I’ll show you HOW EASY Pinterest can be once you set up the foundation.

How to Monetize Your Blog

I’ll also share how blogging can be a game changer for your business when it comes to attracting leads to your email list, and most importantly, helping you create a steady flow of content every single week that’ll make you look like a content QUEEN.

I get asked all the time, “Meg, how do you put out SO MUCH CONTENT every week?”  People think I spend legit all day erryday writing content, but in this masterclass I’ll teach you my main secret…the power of repurposing and the step by step system I use to make this happen fluidly every single week!

Facebook Live & Facebook Live Interviews

I’ll share this little strategy I’ve been applying since March to organically bring new people to my free challenges and workshops from other people’s audiences.  This is such a great way to reach a new audience while at the same time helping out a fellow entrepreneur. It’s a win-win and in the masterclass I’ll show you how to go about setting these up and how to do it in a way that feels mutually beneficial to both you and the person interviewing you.

Instagram Strategy

In this part I’ll share specifically how I use Instagram to get my ideal client in my free challenges and workshops by utilizing something called Story Branding and IG Story Takeovers.  These two little strategies aren’t super novel, but are under utilized, and SUPER easy to implement.

ESSENTIAL STRATEGY #3: How to Write Effective Sales Captions and Emails to Convert into Paying Customers


All of the above is awesome, but if you don’t have effective sales copy that really SPEAKS to your ideal client, how can you expect to ever build a business from your audience? While we want to serve, serve, serve, we also have to pay our bills and eat!

In this part of the masterclass, I’ll walk you through the Story Branding exercise that has helped me speak directly to my ideal clients pain point when writing sales copy and social media captions and emails.  I’ll also give you one of my sales emails as well as social media sales captions (written from a professional copywriter).

How to Get More Free Leads & Clients Resources + Recording

Don’t ya worry, if you can’t make it live (2PM EST/11AM PST) you’re going to get the recording, slides, and worksheets emailed to you within 2 hours after the workshop ends.

The worksheets will include:

ALL of my sales copy examples explained above + my market research questionnaires + market research worksheet + email series template (to warm up your email list-which is usually $17 on my website).

I can’t WAIT to see you on this masterclass, because I am 110% confident you will leave with a sense of clarity on how to attract more of your ideal client without relying solely on Instagram, and have actionable steps to take which will help you impact more people and increase your income.


This masterclass will be $97 on my website after this date. This is a ONE TIME only $27 Masterclass (and when you are on it, you’ll understand WHY–it’s INSANELY jam packed and I’m over delivering LIKE A MOFO).

You can register here!

See you in class <3

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with reaching your ideal client outside of Instagram? Which of these tips will you implement?

Megan Yelaney | Life + Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaney Email: fitactortravels@gmail.com
PS. Be sure to join my 3 Essential Strategies to Get More Free Leads & Clients Masterclass! Join here.

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