Day: October 13, 2018

How Successful Entrepreneurs Increase Their Income & Productivity While Overcoming Overwhelm by Scheduling Their Week Top Tips To Get Started

Lemme know if this describes you.  You wake up on Monday morning super excited to start off the week, full of great intentions with your business, and before you know it, major overwhelm hits, and you find that you’re operating like a chicken with it’s head cut off, trying to do ALL THE THINGS in your business all at one time.  You think you’re the ONE person who can truly succeed at multi-tasking, only to realize…you’re not (cuz no one is). So how the heck can you organize your business for success? How can you get all the things done and still have a life? In this blog post I’ll share my home organization business tips and how calendar organizer’s and batching your content and work will literally save you hours and hours, but also save you energy so you can fully flourish in your biz but also flourish in your personal life.

How to Increase Your Impact and Income on Social Media by Repurposing Content So You Can Work Smarter, Not Harder

How the heck do you create so much content every week without working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  This is a question I get on the regular, and one of the main strategies I went over in my “3 Essential Strategies to Get More Free Leads and Clients” Masterclass last week.  Social media marketing can be a doozy, and we can feel like we’re constantly spinning our wheels trying to come up with good content for our audience to build trust and provide value.  And one of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of entrepreneurs make is feeling like they have to recreate the wheel with their content marketing strategy every single day. In this blog post I’ll share with you content ideas, blog ideas, and how to repurpose the crap out of your content so you can work smarter, NOT harder, while impacting more people which will in return increase your income. Lessss GO!

3 Essential Strategies to Get More Free Leads and Clients Masterclass

Do you find yourself refreshing your Instagram follower account ALL day long, checking your DM’s to see if anyone messaged you back about your coaching, or freaking out every month because your client contracts are up and you don’t have enough sales calls set up?  GIRL…I FEEL YOU, and I was #truthtime there not too long ago. It’s super frustrating when you put SO much time and effort into creating quality content to really serve your ideal client, but don’t actually have the right people or ENOUGH people ACTUALLY SEEING it!  In this blog post I’ll share with you how on my live masterclass, happening on 9/19 at 2PM EST, I’ll be teaching you my exact step by step process to gain new and free leads everyday so you can reach more of the right people without relying solely on your IG following.

How to Create a Free Offer That Grows Your Email List, Serves Your Audience, and Converts into Paying Customers

Let’s be honest…relying solely on Instagram to build your biz just isn’t gonna cut it anymore, and if you find yourself hitting your head against a wall every time the algorithm changes, this blog post is for YOU my girlfriend.  In this post (which flows perfectly from the last one, so check that out here), I’ll share how to create a powerful free offer that grows your email list, serves your audience, and converts into paying customers. These entrepreneur ideas aren’t novel or new…email lists are where it’s at, and the only regret I have in my biz is NOT starting one sooner.  So buckle up, your biz is about to change (if you implement!)

Top 3 Mistakes People Make With Residual Income

Passive income streams, passive income opportunities, residual income ideas…no matter what you call it, MOST people mean the same thing when they say residual or passive income…how do I make money without putting in extra time? AKA…time freedom.  How do I create something once and benefit from it multiple times over again? While there are differences between the definitions of passive and residual income (which I explain in this blog by citing an in depth article on this topic!), most people say residual when they really mean passive…so for the sake of this, we’ll refer to them as the same thing
What is Passive Income?

How to Schedule Your Day as an Entrepreneur To Be More Productive

How many times have you looked at the clock at the end of the day, exhausted from working ALL day, but realizing you got very little done?  I cannot count how many times I felt like this when I was first building my business. I’d “work” 16 hour days sometimes, and barely feel like I got anything done that would REALLY move the needle in my business. It was SO frustrating, I felt burnt out, and I wasn’t making the impact or income gains I knew I should’ve been for working that many hours.  Then I realized…it’s not about the # of hours, it’s about what you DO during the time you have, and sometimes that means working less hours, but really FOCUSING on the right things during that time. In this blog post I’ll share with you my top tips on how to schedule your day as an entrepreneur, as well as share with you to do list tips, and a weekly work schedule template that you can start implementing TODAY!!

My Top 3 Secrets To Help You CRUSH IT in Your Business…HINT: It is Definitely NOT What You are Expecting

Intermittent Fasting for Women (I can’t speak for men, sorry guys!) and flexible dieting (macro tracking) is what 100% changed the game for me in 2016 when it came to my body and business.  I started taking my business SERIOUSLY in 2014 and (full disclosure here!) made roughly $52K in 2015.  While I was SUPER happy with that, I had BIG goals for my husband and I (one was to retire him from his NYC insurance job so he could work from home pursuing his business and dreams), and $52K wasn’t going to cut it living on Long Island (my NY friends know what I mean).  I had to figure out how to increase income from home without working 24/7, and by changing my diet and mindset, my productivity SKYROCKETED and I ended 2016 making $125K

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