How to Create a Free Offer That Grows Your Email List, Serves Your Audience, and Converts into Paying Customers

Let’s be honest…relying solely on Instagram to build your biz just isn’t gonna cut it anymore, and if you find yourself hitting your head against a wall every time the algorithm changes, this blog post is for YOU my girlfriend.  In this post (which flows perfectly from the last one, so check that out here), I’ll share how to create a powerful free offer that grows your email list, serves your audience, and converts into paying customers. These entrepreneur ideas aren’t novel or new…email lists are where it’s at, and the only regret I have in my biz is NOT starting one sooner.  So buckle up, your biz is about to change (if you implement!) 😉




Entrepreneur Tips & Strategies: How to Create a Free Offer Tip #1: Start With the End in Mind


Lemme just start off by saying that before someone will buy a passive product-whether it’s an ebook, mini course, full blown course, etc, they have to learn to trust you in thisarea/industry, and the best way to do that is to create a kick-ass FREE offer like my 5 Things You MUST Do Before Creating a Passive Income Product PDF…#seewhatididthere 😉


Now WHY build an email list? What’s the point?

While Instagram and Facebook are awesome…we don’t own them.  Zuckerberg could shut it all down tomorrow and we’d be FINISHED if we only relied on social media to grow our business.  Now…don’t freak out! You don’t have to implement all of this right away, but I URGE you to sit down and schedule these implementation strategies in your calendar so you make it non-negotiable.  Before you know it you’ll have a list running, and you’ll realize you can provide SO much tailored content to those people who ASK to hear from you, on a regular basis.

Building a list will not only keep you safe from social media changing their algorithms up, but help you build trust with your audience in a whole new way with weekly emails that will help them in whatever area you focus on.

Trust Factor + You Own It = Reasons to Make an Email List NOW!


Start With the End In Mind


Now let’s get to the goods…how to create that first free offer!  If you haven’t yet, make sure you read my last blog post here (because I DEEP dive into how to come up with your free offer idea).

Remember, you’re learning how to build an email list FOR FREE, which is great, but if you’re not focusing on what you want your end offer to be, not only are you not growing your business financially to be profitable but you’re doing your audience a disservice!

Once people love your free offers and love working with you in this capacity, they WANT to work with you in a different setting and up-level!

“SOOO…what’s next?! What’s our next step?”!

I’ve had SO many people ask me this question when I first started after doing something free.  They WANTED more, and needed more. They realized they needed to invest in themselves to really get to the next level.

The reason you must start with the end product/program in mind is it has to flow smoothly from your free offer!  If you have a “5 Steps to Go Vegan” Freebie that launches into a workout program or keto guide…it just wouldn’t make sense, and confuse your audience.

The first step is deciding what you’re passionate about and what you want to teach on or offer your audience in a paid format.  Once you decide on that topic, I recommend making a bullet point list of all the things you’d include in this offer.


When you do this, don’t just write out “THE THINGS” they get, like power points, modules, calls, macros, workouts, etc.  Write out the RESULTS they’re going to get. How will they feel (what’re their pain points). You want to show that this program/offer will bring them towards their goals and AWAY from their pain.


Entrepreneur Tips & Strategies: How to Create a Free Offer Tip #2: How Much Content To Give For Free


Now that you know what your paid offer will include, how do you know how much to offer in your freebie?  This is a question I get A LOT from business clients…how much is too much when it comes to free content?My answer simply…it depends.  The old rule of thumb I used to hear is give them the WHAT and the WHY, but not the HOW.  I semi-agree with this after doing this for awhile, and have realized even when I’ve given part of the how, people who need more structure, guidance, and accountability WILL Pay for your offer, especially if it’s a 1:1 coaching program (accountability + support) or a course (structure + order in which to do something).

Rule of Thumb:

If you have 5 major points you want to cover, take 2 of those points, and make it into a freebie: a free PDF, a free ebook, free video series, free challenge, etc.

Give the WHY, WHAT, and a lil piece of the HOW–WHY they should want something and WHAT it is and a TEENY piece of the HOW. Again–dip their toes in enough so they get massive value but want to keep coming back for more. And as female boss babes…we know that it’s imperative to invest in ourselves to REALLY make massive change, so remember that when you want to give away EVERYTHING for free…you’re doing THEM a disservice by not having them invest at all and giving it ALL away for free.

Here are some of my freebies for you to look at:

Entrepreneur Tips Free Guides:

*5 Things You MUST DO Before Creating a Passive Income Product PDF

*5 Secrets to Creating Pins That Convert PDF

Health & Fitness Free Guides:

*Free Find Your Macros Guide

*Free Intermittent Fasting KickStart


Entrepreneur Tips & Strategies: How to Create a Free Offer Tip #3: End With an Upsell to Work With You


To recap from above, make sure your ideal client is getting massive value from your freebie.  Don’t give them JUST fluff, but make them think…”DANG! This free shit is amazing…I cannot IMAGINE what her paid ebook/course/coaching is like!”


Then entice them to continue to learn more and really up-level in (whatever area you’re talking about) by getting this (insert your paid offer) at the end of your freebie.

This is a BIG mistake a lot of people make when it comes to creating free offers.  They end with a nice thank you page with their social media links, but don’t give their 1:1 coaching application or link to their paid offer as an option to keep working with them (my health freebies currently are like this–so even I still make this mistake).

Note to self: CHANGE THIS!

I recommend ending with a thank you for reading note, but also give them a way to connect with you for free (ideally, a free Facebook community) and a way to connect with you in a paid setting.


Example from my Passive Income Freebie:

Then I offer a way to work with me or join my community:
Okay girl…now it’s your turn! Time to make and launch your first free offer!! I’d love to hear how it’s going, so be sure to hop in my free female entrepreneur community and keep me posted!

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with creating a free offer that will build your email list? Which of these tips will you implement?Megan Yelaney | Life + Business Coach

Instagram: @meganyelaneyEmail:

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